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Women’s Outreach Ministry
We are committed to reaching out to everyone who has experienced feelings of inadequacy or thoughts of low-self esteem. We want to re-enforce, beauty, grace, and wholeness to women of all walks of life. We want to offer women, ladies, young women and teen girls to welcome us into your day.
We care about the entire person. We believe that it is important to be the best that you can be and feel the best that you can feel; both naturally and spiritually
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 "Things that are necessary & Essentially Good."
The Domestic Violence Awareness is a service that will provide awareness to adults, youths, and children about environmental influences on domestic violence and well-being. Individuals will be educated on domestic violence through the offering of free workshops and classes. Individuals will also be educated on all the common types of domestic violence and early intervention and prevention of ways to combat domestic violence.
In today's economy, help is sometimes needed with food, clothing, hygiene needs and personal counseling and mentorship. We are here to help you regardless of your current situation we want to be there for you and your family.
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Women's Health and Healing
Domestic Violence Awareness
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