If you are looking for "Life Application" lessons that makes the Bible come alive, we have something for you! Each book tells a story of grace and love from a personal and endearing perspective which will leave you breathless and inspired all at the same time.
If you are looking for Inspiration and Courage!
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Written to tell the story that takes you into a life of anger, resentment, sex, disappointment, and betrayal while following the assumption that “Free will” is always free. Although, everyone knows that nothing in life is ever free; and there is a price to pay for all things natural. As a teen parent; he encountered situations that nearly cost him all that he had.
Now is the Time to Believe draws attention to questions regarding Salvation, faith, hope, liberty, and peace through the trials and experiences of our lives; so that an in-depth discussion can start, first internally; then externally in love.on their web browsers, your text will appear in large letters and may look quite different.
Rhythm of Rage encompasses how one woman struggled from birth to victory. Every soul has been given an assignment before the foundations of the earth. Sometimes an assignment can entail different phases of unfortunate circumstances resulting in anger and escalating into rage like mine. While growing up my life was spared from death on several occasions.
A Passion of Thorns will ignite the pain of how it feels to want something badly enough that you are willing to pay the price for it. Only this time I struggled to believe that I was given a purpose on earth that only I could fulfill. While fighting to hold on through each test and tribulation it intensified the piercing that changed my heart to accept the bitter with the sweet.
Praying to Know Him is a testimony about one woman’s courage to persevere through all the chaos without knowing that every step was pre-ordained by God.
This story exhibits how her faith was being released through her prayers. In the midst, the Lord was forming a relationship with her when she petitioned the ultimate prayer to knowing Him.
Christ answered her prayer by revealing His presence in her life. He destroyed every stronghold and yoke that was holding her down. He put things into divine order by restoring her soul and revealing His unconditional love, faithfulness, forgiveness of sins, and the gift of salvation, all in His Father’s word.
A Breath of Melodies is like a burst of sunshine! The melodies that are found within this diary will ignite praise for God is really good. As you read through each piece let the energy flow into your heart. Everyone needs daily encouragement to soar beyond life’s struggles. When we speak words of inspiration, it creates the bliss, love, peace, hope, and restoration that comes from above.
A Story of Mercy and Forgiveness !
Inspirational Poetry and Reflections!
 Book for Purpose and Grace!
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