Primary focus of Reflections of Grace Outreach Ministries is evangelism and ministering to everyone in prayer that the offering of salvation will be accepted. We want to provide extensive, biblical teaching, soul care and pastoral care through fellowship, prayer and outreach.
"Inspiring Souls and Removing the Mask through the Word of God."
To provide spiritually, physically, socially, and psychological short-term charitable services for individuals and their families who have behavioral, mental health, and domestic violence issues. To refer individuals to community resource facilities, social service agencies, and health care providers.
A for-profit Short Term Christian Counseling service that will be offered for a minimum fee to individuals dealing with minor forms of mental health issues and need help with making critical decisions through scriptural references, understanding spiritual disciplines, prayer and teachable reflections. Counseling services are to be no shorter than 3 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks. Evaluation after the end of the 6th session for progress and if there is a need for additional counseling; they are referred out for elevated counseling services.

WCCCS will train and provide mentoring to the veterans and their family and other families in the communities in becoming small business owners. WCCCS will provide professional training and resources by teaching them how to create a business plan, start the business ownership process within their county or city and successfully market and promote their business and much more!
A Heart for the People Outreach
Walkus Christian Counseling and Consulting Services
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Provide assistance and services regarding health, wellness, and risk reduction education for pre-High School through college aged youths in the community on topics such as: Health and Wellness, Single Parenting, abduction prevention, and dating violence. Also, a housing service to be provided to men, women and children regarding temporary residency. Individuals will be educated on housing that is suitable for their family’s need, especially as it relates to domestic violence and homelessness.
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ROGOM will care for the elderly, disabled, and the shut-in. We will help those who are homebound with daily activities such as shopping for groceries, doing laundry, and cleaning. As well as, we will provide companionship, encouragement, prayer and personal ministry to those we serve.
Outreach for the Homebound and Elderly
ROGOM provide Christian Counseling services which will offer short term counseling in the following areas: Soul Care, Ministerial Mentoring, Marital and Pre-Marital Counseling, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse.
Christian Counseling