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Reflections of Grace Outreach Ministries

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This 501C3 Faith-Based organization and Christian ministry shall provide services, including, but not limited to, Mental Health Awareness, Employment, Essential Item needs, and Christian Counseling.

Welcome to our Organization

Domestic Violence Awareness

The Domestic Violence Awareness is a service that will provide awareness to adults, youths, and children about environmental influences on domestic violence and well-being. Individuals will be educated on domestic violence through the offering of free workshops and classes. Individuals will also be educated on all the common types of domestic violence and early intervention and prevention ways to combat domestic violence.
We have a strong commitment to see families and individuals remain positive and it’s our desire to strengthen them through empowerment, positive thinking and showing them how to apply Biblical teachings to their daily lives in order to obtain a positive outcome.
Single Parenting Teen Parenting

A Heart for the People Single Parent Outreach is a service that will be provided to men, women and teens who are single parents and in need of assistance with meeting the essential needs of everyday items. We also provide budgeting and basic resource information to housing and low-income networks that reach out to help.
A Heart for the People
In 2010, Reflections of Grace Outreach Ministries established its Outreach ministry as quantified in the following areas of Evangelism, Service, and Faith; with programs and services in Female Advocacy, Domestic Violence, Health and Wellness.
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Pastoral Counseling

Counseling is a short-term service that will be offered to individuals dealing with minor or major forms of marital, abuse, as well as persons in need of spiritual help in making critical decisions. Other organizations and pastors in the community and mental health counseling will assist those individuals in need of counseling for their health and/or well-being.
Under the program called “A Heart for The People Ministry” we are reaching out to women and children who are in need of basic essentials. We are providing food, clothing, and essential items to those in need along with showing compassion, love and the desire to help them through those anxious moments.
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